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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

HOW TO: 7 Steps To Grow An Organic Garden In Your Basement

It's amazing how many organic foods you can grow in your basement. What? True story. Every January the mister starts his organic garden in our basement. It is easy to do and we get to enjoy delicious organic vegetables all winter and spring. To start your own garden in the basement, try easy growing organic vegetables such as bush beans, cabbage, lettuce, spinach and small cucumbers. Read on to get started in a few short steps.

What you will need:
  • tables
  • hanging shop lights
  • T-8 fluorescent light bulbs
  • chain
  • pots
  • organic seeds
  • organic potting soil
  • organic fertilizer
  • watering can
  • light timer
Step 1: Start the Seeds
Start by planting organic seeds in organic potting soil and biodegradable peat pots. Then, place the peat pots in small reusable greenhouses in south facing windowsills throughout your home.

Step 2: Transfer the Seeds
Once the seeds sprout and are an inch tall, transplant them into 4-6" pots and place them on a table in your basement.

Step 3: Hang the Lights 
Hang directly above the tables fluorescent T-8 light bulbs, suspended from the ceiling on a shop light.(The mister suspends the shop lights with an adjustable chain, which is adjusted to always be 2" above the plants.) Then, plug the lights into a timer, we use a holiday light timer. The plants get 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness to rest each day.

Step 4: Water the Plants
Waters the plants once a week - once the plants are 4" tall, start to fertilize them with organic fertilizer. (See the instructions that come with the organic fertilizer that you purchase.)

Step 5: Replant
At six weeks transplant the beans and cucumbers into 8-12" pots. All of the other plants can stay in the 4-6" pots.

Step 6: Add more Water
At 2.5 months, start to water the plants twice a week.

Step 7: Harvest and Enjoy
After 3 months you will have amazing vegetables that you can harvest and enjoy all winter and spring long.

Have you ever gardened inside your home?
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