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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

HOW TO: Natural, Organic Control For The Top 4 Pests

Each year Americans spend over $1 billion on synthetic pesticides and use over 70 million pounds of it. Synthetic pesticides are chemicals used to prevent, destroy or reduce the severity of pests. Most synthetic pesticides have harmful risk to humans (especially children), animals, beneficial bugs (honeybees, ladybugs and wasps), and the environment. Synthetic pesticides can vary in their toxicity, with effects such as cancer, respiratory illnesses, headaches and dizziness. They also disrupt the balance of our environment and leach into our soil and water supply. So what can you do?

Either attract natural predators such as birds, bats and beneficial bugs to live in your yard or choose a natural pest control remedy. (Remember beneficial bugs eat pest bugs, so you don't want to kill the beneficial bugs.)

You can attract birds, bats and beneficial bugs to your yard by providing them with the things that they love. Put out bird feeders, bird baths, bird and bat houses, and leave parts of your garden untrimmed in the winter for beneficial bugs to live. Plant dill, cosmos, marigolds, coriander and spearmint to attract the beneficial bugs.

If you are looking for a natural pest control remedies, try these recipes:

1. Natural Ant Pest Control Recipe
Locate the ant hill and sprinkle it with salt. Dust trouble areas with baking soda. 

2. Natural Mosquito Pest Control Recipe
Carry a fabric dryer sheet in your pocket.

3. Natural Ladybug Control Recipe
If you have an infestation in your home, seal the windows and doors completely. Each Ladybug consumes over 100 aphids a day so they are very beneficial.

4. Natural Overall Pest Control Recipe
Mix 1 Tbsp. earth friendly dish washing liquid with 1 Tbsp. cooking oil and 1 quart of water in a spray bottle. Spray the trouble areas weekly or as necessary.

How do you naturally control unwanted pests?

photo via flickr
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