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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I Want To Live In A Tiny House

I love small, quaint, cozy homes - remember when I wanted to move into a Cob House? There is something about a small home that is so inviting. I love nooks, crannies and little special places to sneak off and read a good book for the afternoon. I know that once Eben grows up and is off to college, the mister and I will be downsizing from an already small home to a tiny home.

My sweet friend Angie sent me the link to Tumbleweed Tiny House Company and I was immediately smitten. I showed Mr. Sweet Greens the site and he immediately started to look for land in our area that he could build one on. We both agreed however, it would be a better idea once Eben is off to college. I love, love, love the Harbinger (297 square feet) and B-53 {743 square feet}. The impact that a tiny home would have on the environment is much, much smaller than a tradition home and I think that would be quite lovely. I wish I could move in today.

What do you think of Tumbleweed Tiny Houses?
Would you consider living in a tiny home?
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