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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

How Tuesday:: Green Your Holiday Gift Wrapping.

It's time to get all of those holiday gifts wrapped and ready for to be given. All the pretty paper, tags and bows only stay on the gifts for a short period of time before they are ripped off and disposed of. Here are some ideas you can use to green your holiday gift wrapping. By doing these things you can save the environment and some money at the same time.

Read All About It:: Use newspaper, comics or old magazines to wrap goodies this year. These papers are going to go into the recycling bin regardless, they may as well shine for a day wrapped up with a big reusable bow on top.

Thrifted Pattern Gift Wrap:: I love this tutorial from one of my fave shops:: Chakra Pennywhistle. Rikkianne uses vintage sewing patterns that she finds at her local thrift to wrap up gifts. How lovely is that?

Give Paper a 2nd Life:: When gifts are being opened, collect the paper, ribbon, bows and tags that could be used again next year. This will save you money and keep the gift wrap out of the landfill or recycling bin.

Just Bag It:: There are many great reusable Eco friendly bags available. Some of my favorites are from Amy Butler's Gift Wrap Green. I really like that these bags are made from 100% post-consumer waste paper and soy based ink. They also have pretty ribbon handles with gift cards attached. After the gift is opened, make sure someone keeps the bag. {Hopefully, it will be you.}

Reusable Boxes:: These are very similar to the reusable bags, however look super cute stacked together in groups under a tree or on a bench. Try to find reusable boxes that are made using 100% post-consumer waste and again make sure someone keeps the box.

Wrap it Up:: Have you heard of Furoshiki Gift Wrapping? Watch the video, you will love it. How fun is that? You can also buy Furoshiki Wrapping on Etsy.

Tag it:: I recycle all of my holiday cards into holiday gift tags for the following year. This is a fun activity that be done with the kids and saves you from having to purchase gift tags. These gift tags are also very unique and fun.

How do you green your holiday gift wrapping?
What are your favorite ways?

Photo via Chakra Pennywhistle.


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